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Attendees of the last show, taped Feb. 5th, 1999,  received this commemorative patch.

From somewhere around 1992 or 1993 the first episode of Club Dance was aired on The Nashville Network   At the peak of The Nashville Network,  Club Dance was the network's number one rated TV show!

On February 5, 1999, the final episode of Club Dance was aired on TNN after a 7 year run.  Re-runs continued through June 28th 1999.   The friends I made will never be forgotten.  My memories of this special time in my life will live on forever.   While The Nashville Network is no longer on the air and Club Dance has long since disappeared I've created these pages in order to take a stroll down memory lane as we revisit the famous days of Club Dance in a behind the scenes look.  

The experience of participating in this show actually peaked my interest in video production and taught me many aspects of how a show is produced.   The experience lives on where my wife and I often produce special event video's as well as various still photography projects.

Below you will find a few video files of never before seen bloopers from Club Dance.   These were video's that I filmed myself from my VHS camcorder.  The video's have been compressed for viewing over the WEB.  The files are MOV files in Quicktime format so Apple Quicktime viewer 6.5 or later will be necessary to view them.   Apple's quicktime viewer is free from Apple's web site at

Additionally you may wish to right click and save the video file to your hard drive for viewing...


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Club Dance Merchandise

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A variety of Club Dance related merchandise was sold including a monthly newsletter highlighting visitors and regulars on the show.  The newsletter ended with the May 1999 edition and merchandise sales are no longer available.

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Club Dance was produced in a television studio (shown here in this picture) located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Two to four shows were taped during a taping session and the participants change clothes in-between shows. Shows were usually taped on weekends such as on a Friday and Saturday.... Each of the shows in a series of tapings are then aired on a separate week day giving the appearance that participants are in attendance every day.  


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Another behind the scene picture. The Club Dance set is to the left while on the right are some of the cameras which are used in filming... The cameras include 1 boom camera (basically a camera on the end of a pole), 1 stationary camera on a platform, 2 moving cameras on wheels and 2 handheld cameras which move through the crowd.


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Phil often interviews people from the bar (not a real bar, all you could get were soft drinks), to the left you can see one of the handheld cameras and to the right you can catch a glimpse of Randy the floor director watching the interview Phil is conducting...


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A picture of Carol (my terrific wife) and myself (Gary) made January 23, 1999 at the final Episodes tapings!  Those boots that you see in the background, often referred to as the "boot deck", are made out of Styrofoam!  To my knowledge no one has actually fallen into the boots!

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Cinetel Productions, for a short period of time, also produced a 30 minute show called "Dance Line" which aired on TNN.   Many of the regulars from Club Dance were also on this show.  The show featured a wide variety of dance instruction with Joe Thompson as the host!


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Club Dance was once known as Club Dance at the Whitehorse Cafe but the name was changed to just Club Dance.   Until the new construction began at the studio, this sign remained on the canopy over the door to the studio which said The Whitehorse Cafe.  This is not to be confused with the Wildhorse Saloon which is in Nashville.  


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The original Club Dance at the Whitehorse Cafe bumper sticker from 1993. 

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  This postcard was made back at the beginning of the show and contains pictures of many of the original dancers! 

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Club Dance wasn't just about Country Western dancing (partner and line dance) but about people and their lives as they unfolded.   While the "club" itself was fake and the building only a backdrop located in a television production studio the people were real and you might say was one of the first real life reality shows.   Viewers followed the lives of many of the participants and regulars who were on the show.  

 < An interview on camera with Shelly

 Lari gets an interview with Shelly >


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